Street Foods in Kolkata: All you need to know!

Street Foods in Kolkata: All you need to know!


Kolkata’s love for food is legendary, as is evident in the umpteen restaurants, old and new, coming into view as you navigate through the roads and lanes of The City of Joy. Along with the ancient and new flashy boards, you’ll always see a flock of people around a rickety cart or a small corner. Street food has been exceptionally popular in Kolkata, a special love that has lasted since time immemorial. Rivaling the historical spots in the lanes of Old Delhi and mobile eateries near hotels in Mumbai Central, street foods of Kolkata have surely raised the bar for gastronomical delights on the move.

The travelling soul in Kolkata, when exploring on foot, can easily smell mouthwatering fragrances of the street eats, sometimes sizzling in a wok, sometimes being roasted on a hot flat pan. So what and where does one eat from the street when they’re hungry in Kolkata? Here are the top picks:-

Puchka & Churmur

Kolkata’s puchka is a light pastry shell stuffed with a flavourful mashed potato mix, which is then dipped intotangy tamarind water with a spicy aftertaste. Churmur is your puchka but the drier version – crushed shell with mashed potato mix and topped off with generous dose of the chutney – incredibly satisfying for your palate if it loves texture.

Must try out at – Kali Bari, Southern Avenue

Kathi Rolls

A delicious roll that can put its counterparts in Delhi and Mumbai to shame, this Kolkata roll is all about celebrating the tender meat which is blanketed by a fluffy Mughlaiparantha. The crunchy onion, the sweet and spicy sauces tantalise your taste buds with every bite. Add the green chutney if you love a little heat in your food. This is a must-have for anyone who loves eating wraps and rolls!

Must try out at – Anamika Roll Center, in New Alipore

Cutlet & Chop

A street of food made with fish is bound to find a lot of love in Kolkata! Crispy fish cutlets often served with ketchup, mint (pudhina) chutney and chilli sauce is a hot street favourite. Speaking of crispy cutlets, the succulent meat based chops are another treat you keep wanting more of! Minced meat rolled into balls and enclosed in layer of mashed potato, are deep fried after being coated with crumbs. A variation of the chop with a boiled egg in the center is called Dimer Devil.These are much recommended for those who love their food crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Must try at  -Niranjan, Girish Park


A perfect snack for those on the move and don’t wish for anything too messy! Puffed rice, coconut chunks, peanuts are mixed and seasoned witha spicy chutney and a drizzle of mustard oil.  Those who love their crunch and wish for a light snack, there’s none better.

Must try at – Menoka Cinema, Lake Temple Road

KeemarDoi Bora

Those who love their street food with dahi (curd) can go with KeemarDoi Bora – rich vadas made with minced meat, or meatballs, in a sweet dahi base is topped off with an assortment of condiments including cumin, fenugreek, black mustard seeda and just a sprinkle of red chilli powder. The vadas are often served separately from the dahi so eat them as you wish to!

Must try at – Bara Bazaar

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