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Jaisalmer fort – Places to go to in JaisalmerOften said as ‘sonar qila’, Jaisalmer fort is among the most important of its kind. 1 / 4 of the city’s population still resides inside, creating it one among the last remaining ‘living forts’. Made from yellow arenaceous rock that takes on a stunning golden hue within the sun, the fort has ninety nine turrets and appears breathtakingly wizardly in the dark. A United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage web site, the fort could be a lovely example of Rajasthani design.

It jointly houses the noted Laxminath temple inside its complex. it’s one among the most effective place to go to in Jaisalmer.Hours open: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PMEntry fee: Rs 30.

Kuldhara Village

Places to go to in JaisalmerAbandoned cities, stories of curses, and ghosts move to make one among the foremost unconventional traveller places in Jaisalmer. No conclusive proof has been found to corroborate this village’s spooky name, however staying the night is certainly not allowed. The brave of heart visit the place to know its mysteries and to do and make out if there’s any truth in its urban legends. Kuldhara village makes for an exciting sight, a minimum of in broad daylight. The abandoned village with its eerie beauty could be a must-visit for anyone with journey in their soul.Hours open: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PMEntry fee: Rs 10

Chandraprabhu Temple

Places to go to ubJaisalmerSalim Singh ki Haveli – Places to go to ubJaisalmerAkal Wood Fossil Park – Places to go to in JaisalmerTaking a machine to the past is sadly not possible, then again there area unit places like Akal Wood Fossil Park. A National earth science Monument, it’s settled concerning eighteen kilometers from Jaisalmer. Spanning twenty one hectares, the positioning is choked with ossified trees, with some qualitative analysis to the first period. this can be an awfully informative and unconventional web site among traveller places to go to in Jaisalmer and can be significantly attention-grabbing for youngsters and nature lovers. Visit the Fortune Park reviews page on Akal Wood Fossil Park to find out a lot of. Hours open: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PMEntry fee: Rs 5

Chandraprabhu Temple InJaisalmer-

Chandraprabhu Temple could be a 16th-century religious temple. one among the seven temples made by the eighth Tirthankara, this temple shows skill. A serene place with a divine aura, it conjures up devotion within the souls of tourists. Finely graven pillars type torans within the interior of the temple. You needn’t be of a pious nature to understand the beautiful design of this temple. this can be one among the should visit place in Jaisalmer for Jains.Hours open: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PMEntry fee: None

Desert parkland In Jaisalmer

One of the most important national parks in Republic of India, Jaisalmer’s desert park utterly showcases the Thar Desert and its system. Concerning 2 hundredth of the park includes sand dunes whereas the remainder is formed from craggy rocks, fastened dunes, and salt lake bottoms. The park is home to birds like the good Indian wader, falcons, kestrels, and eagles. you’ll conjointly prolong a car campaign to explore the grand Thar for yourself.Hours open: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PMEntry fee: Rs 100

Salim Singh ki Haveli InJaisalmer

This distinctive haveli provides a jaw-dropping read of town. common for its balconies and its peacock-shaped roof, the haveli was made in an exceedingly work of jealousy by the prime minister Hector Hevodidbon Singh at a time once Jaisalmer was the capital of the Rajputana empire. make certain to incorporate this in your Jaisalmer look tour if you’ve got the time and luxuriate in the rear of town from one among its thirty eight balconies.Jaisalmer’s charm lies in its robust Rajputana-style design, sculptures, and pious spots. It conjointly has several different sites that may leave you with lovely reminiscences for the remainder of your life. If Rajasthan’s culture can be distilled, it’d take the shape of this lovely town.For a very lavish expertise, visit the Fortune Park Resort in Jaisalmer. In-built the haveli vogue to match the design of town, the resort offers you a lavish and royal expertise enjoyed by the kings and maharajas of past times. Chill in spacious rooms during this heritage resort. With scenic trails and noted pious temples inside straightforward reach, you’ll head out for each day of fun and journey, and come to tuck into authentic food followed by people singing and dance.If you don’t believe North American country, look at Fortune Park Vacation reviews on-line and see however many different travellers area unit creating the foremost of their memberships. Get a Fortune Park Vacation membership these days to avail of special offers on your visit to Jaisalmer! conjointly, have a glance at the Rajasthan tourist guide to create the foremost of your family vacation in Rajasthan!

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